Content Marketing Services 1

Content Marketing Services

Content marketing veers away from traditional marketing practices that are ineffective due to how businesses and people get their information and make decisions regarding who they use for services. Content marketing focuses on being found by the customer and not by “pushing” content in front of buyers that is interruptive and “marketer-centric”.

Is Your Content Reaching Your Audience In This Busy World?

Our team at 610 Digital will create a marketing strategy plan with creative and well thought out campaigns that will incorporate relevant and valuable content to educate, engage, and delight your current and potential customers. We will work with you to understand your business, your preferred “business voice” and style, and then develop an editorial calendar for content publication.

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Developing Personas to Attract the Right Audience

For inbound marketing to be truly effective you have to know who your target market/clients are. We will take what you already know, bring some new insights, then combine them into several buyer personas. Buyer personas are fictitious people who represent an ideal customer/client for your practice. We’ll explore what makes them unique, and then craft your marketing content around those personas.

Content Marketing and Distribution

Once we know how to reach the clients you want, the next step is to write relevant content with long-tailed keywords aimed at potential and current clients’ needs, challenges, and pain points throughout the buyer’s process.  This content is distributed by multiple channels, inclusive of social media, and necessary for successful SEO.

Our content strategy services are collaborative with you and your associates and can be provided three ways:

  • Writing – research, draft development, editorial work including images and links. We propose writing at least two blog posts per month to start.
  • Management – creating a schedule/calendar for content creation and posting. Client would then implement and write content.
  • Editorial – review and improvement of written material on your website and blogs so it is effective in attracting views and enhancing SEO.

Social Media Management

The top benefits of social media marketing are increased exposure, development of loyal fans, establish thought leadership, generate leads, improved client base, increased traffic, improved search rankings, and create growth of wellness partnerships in the area.

Social Publishing Includes: Posting, monitoring, responding, implementing content marketing strategy, gathering remarkable content and sharing that valuable information on the social web, engage with your prospects, and put a human face on your brand. Interacting on the networks where your ideal clients get their information and spend their time.

We can perform these tasks or assist you in developing a social media distribution platform and schedule with coaching and Q&A services.

Email Marketing Management & Consulting

Email marketing is low cost, measureable, and can result in high ROI. It allows you to segment your list based on any demographic, interest or behavioral data you may have collected on your customers.