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At Six10 Digital we partner with leading global organizations and companies to stay ahead of trends and up to date with strategies that are working in a variety of industries. ActiveCampaign is no exception to our leading partnership strategy. We are excited to have partnered with such great organization in ActiveCampaign that can allow us to help strengthen our client’s communication.

Personalized email marketing
Send your contacts personalized messages
A stylish looking message with great content is useless if they target the wrong audience. With ActiveCampaign, you target your message to the right audience in accordance with their needs. With ActiveCampaign, all of your campaigns feel personal.

Email Marketing

Dynamic Content


Timed Communication & Messaging

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Generate & Nurture Leads

Did you know that email marketing is one of the most effective (and cost-effective) strategies for generating and nurturing leads?


List Segmenting

We can help reduce unsubscribes, boost sales and move customer to next level of buyer’s journey, by sending campaigns to the correct segment of your list.


HTML Templates and Creatives

No need for YOU or your team to create HTML and image-rich templates. Our team will create high quality templates for your campaigns.

Small Business Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Brand awareness and loyalty
  • Lifespan of email over social (emails can sit in inbox for a long time)
  • Keep top of mind with monthly newsletters
  • Increase sales with timely campaigns personalized to each customer
  • Boost local events or webinars
  • Ideas are pretty much endless….let’s talk and we’ll help find a great solution
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