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Paid Search – Google Ads Management

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PPC Background

Scientific Search is a New Jersey-based Staffing Agency for the pharmaceutical, scientific, engineering, food & beverage industries. After we redesigned their website from a static HTML site to WordPress, Scientific Search needed to drive qualified traffic to their site. Scientific Search was managing an in-house Google Ads account from 2009 to 2015, when 610 Digital took over management in 2016. The account was not well managed or maintained in previous years and was getting away from them and costing too much per month.

610 Digital worked to optimize ads, keywords, and the general structure of the campaigns. The focus of the campaigns was to drive employers to the site to find staffing candidates, as well as, we needed to drive candidates to submit resumes to grow Scientific Search’s resource database.

PPC Objectives

Increase Conversions of Job Requests from Employers

Reduce Wasted Ad Spend

Improve PPC campaign performance

PPC Strategy + Tactics

We analyzed the current AdWords campaign and worked out a strategy for improving the overall account structure, tracking conversions, and reducing wasted ad dollars. The initial work took some time as we needed to fully restructure campaigns, adgroups and add/remove keywords throughout the account. We also reviewed and improved landing pages and lead generation forms to improve and track specific conversions. The effectiveness of our strategy was continually monitored to ensure constant growth.
Account Improvements


Reduced Ad Spend in 1st Month

Broad Match Terms Improved


1st Month Conversions Increased

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We Wrote Better Ad Copy

When we started managing Scientific Search’s AdWords account we immediately reviewed old and stale ad copy. Only three ad versions were created to drive traffic and all had lower than a 2% CTR. Our team spent time refining ad copy and utilized extended text ads (when became available in 2016) which improved the click-through rate of ads by 4-20%.

Our Successes

Since we began managing the account in October 2015, we’ve achieved great results over the previous years that the account was managed. Here are some of those successes:

  • 2,375% increase in AdWords Conversions
  • Conversion rate increased from 1.98% to 7.82% account wide (a 295% improvement)
  • Reduced costs over the years by $2,500
  • Improved Ad CTR by 83%
  • Lower impressions and clicks, but better traffic!


We have been with 610 Digital for since 2014 to improve our website and SEO and to manage/optimize our PPC advertising campaign. We have made great progress and are seeing a return on our investment. Jeff has been flexible in the service delivery – on some tasks he provides consulting when we have the internal manpower to implement the tasks and on others we ask him to perform the work where we don’t have internal staff. I highly recommend Jeff for website development, search engine optimization and PPC advertising campaign management.
David Trexler

Vice President & CFO, Scientific Search

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