Paid Search Ad Management

Drive the best qualified traffic to your website and landing pages and start seeing a real ROI.
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Increased Conversion Rate & Lowered CPL in 5 Months


increase in conversion rate


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How Our Paid Search Management Service Works

AD Account Audit & Onboarding

We’ll survey your current paid search accounts and unveil new opportunities for efficiency and performance. Establishes a solid foundation for our agency/client relationship.

Campaign Management

Relevant, scalable, and trackable, Elite SEM’s paid search campaigns are run by experts who are certified to run winning campaigns on the three largest search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

Keyword Research

Every successful ad campaign begins with extensive and effective keyword research. We start with seed keywords and expand to hundreds, as needed, and branch out into different match type keywords to reach the target audience you want. Our research helps bring qualified visitors to your site, boost engagement and increase conversions.


Ad Copy & Extension Optimizations

Writing effective copy is just the beginning of a successful ad campaign. Ad copy is something that should be optimized through the course of our management as we learn from the data and update ad copy to improve ad relevance and click-through-rate (CTR). A well written ad can drive the right traffic to your page and convert!

Landing Page Optimization

Optimizing landing pages are a key part of a successful digital campaign that is too often overlooked.  They are also one of the best ways to convert customers into sales or the next step of your funnel. We can work with your in-house development team on optimizing landing pages or we can provide the custom design work ourselves.

Measurement & Reporting

We report on the ad campaign on a monthly basis and keep our clients in the loop at all times. We will provide a high-level overview and also dig down into the fine details of the account. We can also customize reporting to fit your business’s exact needs.

Why PPC?

Pay-pay-click marketing is one of the most effective ways of growing your business online. Here’s why:

Ad Budget Control

You decide what you are willing to pay for your ads to be shown to customers — and then only pay when a customer clicks on an ad.

Effective Targeting

PPC Ads can be set up to target wide areas or as specific as zip codes, run at certain times of the day, and also target mobile, desktop and many other factors.


With PPC, it’s easy to track how many ad clicks you get and number of calls or conversions from customers. We create monthly reports to keep you in the loop

Quick Onboarding

We can typically launch a new campaign within a week and then optimize and ramp up over a few weeks. This gets your brand & business in front of customers quickly!

Looking to partner with an agency?

First off, we are certified in Google Ads and Bing Ads and have worked on paid search campaigns for various industries, B2C campaigns and B2B lead generation campaigns.

We have successfully managed over $500,000 in ad spend in recent years ranging from $1000/mo to over $50K per month. That being said, we’ve experienced just about everything a search campaign can throw at us.