“I need a new website for my business.”

Sound familiar? Have you been thinking about if the time is right to update and refresh your website? Or maybe you have a need to finally have a site designed for your business.

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Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.

Steve Jobs

My current website makes me scream and…

  • was created over 5 years ago
  • is old and outdated
  • is not current or mobile-friendly
  • doesn’t engage my visitors
  • doesn’t convert well (or at all!)
  • has been forgotten about
  • is too hard for me/my team to update and keep current
  • doesn’t appear in a Google search
  • just makes me sick to look at it
  • was created by my nephew over his summer break
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How We Can Help

Good solutions for your business!

1 - Custom website and mobile-first design

With mobile becoming the dominant device viewing websites, it’s best practice to design for the smallest screen and build up. We take this approach for almost all of our clients to ensure that their site has the best user experience for their customers and visitors.

2 - Implement on-page SEO

During our design & development of your site, we implement basic on-page SEO tactics. We focus on a group of seed keywords and implement on each page of the site to help your page stand out in the search results.

3 - Maintain website going forward

A user-friendly and creative design is only the first step of a successful website. Keeping the site up to date with current information and maintaining and themes, plugins or other security issues is critical to your site’s success. We have plans in place to manage your site even after the design is complete.

Some of Our Design & Development Work

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